Apple Commits $2.5 Billion to California

Apple's $2.5 Billion investment to California

The $2.5 billion investment  will go to Cupertino, California. This long-term  project would help jump start new opportunities  that would not be possible. This includes help for first time home buyers, support for new housing, and  programs to help homelessness. Not only that but to fund more projects in the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. California’s new fund will take approximately two years to be fully utilized. Also any capital return to Apple will be reinvested for future projects for the next five years. Let in be known that Apple is making the right moves.

Apples $2.5 billion Plan

  • $1 Billion- affordable housing investment
  • $1 Billion- first-time home buyer, mortgage assistance
  • $300 Million- Apple-owned land available for affordable housing
  • $150 Million- Bay Area Housing 
  • $50 Million- to help the population