Burger King’s “Gourmet Kings” Two Luxury Burgers

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Burger King U.K. has announced the launch of its new “Gourmet Kings” range, consisting of two new luxurious burgers dubbed “The Argentinian” and “The Steakhouse.”

According to Burger King U.K., the 100% flame-grilled British and Irish Aberdeen Angus beef burgers kick off a new range of burgers for those looking to elevate their fast food experience. In a special launch, the restaurant chain blindfolded unassuming foodies before serving them both burgers, allowing them to use their senses to fully emerge themselves in the luxury flavors that lay between the two buns (Burger King U.K.).

While blindfolded, tasters were given an opportunity to taste the new “The Argentinian” burger along with other offerings from Burger King. However, they were unable to guess which dish was the newly launched one until after the blindfold was lifted thanks to a unique event that took place at select participating Burger King restaurants across London (Burger King).

Upon unveiling their eyes, tasters were informed of the brand-new addition to Burger King’s menu starting on April 18th, only moments before being served. According to Laura Henderson , Senior Brand Account Director at Burger Kings’ parent company Restaurant Brands International , “Experience is everything, which is why we are excited to launch Gourmet Kings this month…We know fast food often gets a bad rap but believe the right thing for Burger King is to make sure we continue to innovate and offer something for everyone” (Burger King U.K.).

The “Gourmet Kings” menu aims to do just that by catering to more discerning palettes through unique new items such as the newly launched “The Steakhouse,” which features a 100% flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus beef patty topped with slow-cooked pulled rib meat in addition to crispy bacon, melted oak smoked cheddar cheese, baby gem lettuce, sweet crispy onions, tomatoes, butter leaf lettuce along with rocket leaves and mayo on top of both buns (Burger King). Available on its own or in a deal alongside fries and a drink, the new burger is available for £4.69 (Burger King U.K.).

The other of the two new “Gourmet Kings” burgers, dubbed “The Argentinian,” features a flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus beef patty topped with slow-cooked pulled rib meat in addition to crispy bacon and melted mature cheddar cheese atop both buns paired with lettuce and sliced tomato on top of its bottom bun and mayo on top of its top bun (Burger King). Available as a single or in a deal, the new creation is priced at £5.29 (Burger King U.K.).

According to Burger King U.K., the “Gourmet Kings” range is available at participating Burger King locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland starting Tuesday, October 11th (Burger King U.K.).

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