Meta New Updates With ‘Following’ and ‘Translations’ Features

“Meta Threads updates following user requests with new features and translations. Includes app, Twitter competitor details and announcement by Mark Zuckerberg. Image attached.”

Meta’s Threads is getting a significant update packed with new features that its users have requested in the past. After launching a few weeks ago, Threads has been listening to feedback and recommendations from its users, who are thrilled that the app is finally responding to their needs. Among the top requests was a “Following” feed that displays content solely from the accounts one follows. This feed will appear similarly to Instagram’s layout. Users will now also see posts in chronological order, which is a feature that the majority of Instagram users prefer. Unsurprisingly, CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to a user’s “Following” tab request by saying, “Ask and you shall receive.” Moreover, Threads will also include “Translations,” which will translate text posts automatically into the user’s preferred language. These new updates make Threads a social networking app that’s ready to give Twitter a run for its money. In other tech news, Casablanca has recently launched a MAD Paris-customized Contax G2 Camera for $8,300.