Takeoff’s Posthumous LP ‘Rocket Power’ Released Date Pushed

“We gotta run some more tests before the rocket is ready to launch.”

Quavo has announced that the release date for Takeoff’s posthumous album, entitled “Rocket Power” has been pushed back by two weeks. What was originally intended to come out on August 4th will now be released on August 18th. Earlier this month Quavo featured in a video interview where he discussed what “rocket power” meant to him. He explained that it was fueled by his brother Takeoff and how all the experiences they shared will be a driving force behind the album. Quavo recently took to social media to share a preview of the opening track in a video from the recording studio. Although the rapper assured fans that they would need to conduct more tests first, he confirmed the official release date of “Rocket Power” as August 18th. The album will undoubtedly be a powerful representation of Takeoff’s legacy and will leave a lasting impact on fans of the artist.