Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’ with 19 tracks full of energy, inspiration and creativity

Travis Scott’s album “Utopia” features Drake, Beyonce, Future, SZA and more, according to Billboard.

The anticipation for Travis Scott’s new album, Utopia, is higher than ever. As Hip-hop celebrates its 50th birthday, we are reminded of the timeless nature of this genre and the boundless potential for artists to push the boundaries of creativity. Scott’s previous album, Astroworld, was a testament to his visionary artistry, taking listeners on a trippy, psychedelic journey through space and sound. With Utopia, we can only imagine what kind of new world Scott will craft for us to explore. It’s a reminder to all of us that we too have the ability to create something truly unique and groundbreaking. Let Travis Scott’s music inspire us to reach new heights and never be afraid to explore the unknown.

In 2020, Scott’s announcement of Utopia sparked an immense passion in his loyal followers, who engaged endlessly with the otherworldly dimensions of Astroworld throughout the lockdown. Despite the tragedy at the Astroworld music festival the following year, and the resulting fallout, Scott’s vision remains inspiring and impactful. The future of Utopia may have been unclear, but the perseverance of Scott and his fans demonstrate the power of unwavering belief. Through Scott’s lens, we can all learn to prioritize our passions and push through hardships to achieve greatness. The legacy of Astroworld continues to thrive, and we look forward to the future of Utopia with excitement and determination. Let us all be inspired to create our own utopias in the face of adversity.

Travis Scott’s highly anticipated album, Utopia, has finally arrived, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Accompanied by the sensational summer vibes of “K-Pop,” this album encapsulates a mix of genres that will undoubtedly dominate the music scene, including the brilliant collaboration between Bad Bunny and The Weeknd. Despite the underlying dark atmosphere, Travis Scott’s detailed backdrops are some of the most impressive of his career, showcasing his artistry and musical genius. The tracks with emotional force are particularly powerful, leaving a lasting impact on listeners long after the first listen. Utopia is a reminder for us to appreciate the beauty in the world, even in the midst of darkness. With every song on the album uniquely crafted and well thought of, there is something for everyone. Travis Scott has outdone himself, making Utopia a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

19. “FE!N,” (feat. Playboi Carti & Sheck Wes)

The revelation is that the vocal style of Playboi Carti on “Utopia” appears somewhat inappropriate, and the substance of “Fe!n” centered on drug use appears superficial, resembling a leftover from the “Whole Lotta Red” album. Thus, it fails to align with Travis Scott’s bleak perception of the future. “Fe!n” seems exclusively aimed at Playboi Carti’s fervent followers.

18. “TOPIA TWINS” (feat. 21 Savage & Rob49)

Travis Scott’s 11th track on Utopia reflects on his mortality alongside Bon Iver and Sampha in the MY EYES track and discusses paranoia with Beyoncé in DELRESTO. Going from that to rapping about “Twin b–hes on a jetski” feels sudden and out of place. While Topia Twins promotes summertime fun, Travis and 21 Savage don’t add any new insights. Rob49, on the other hand, saves the track by entering the arena with innocence and eagerness to please, playfully rapping, “Travis, what if they twins and they Siamese but they wanna f–k us both?”

17. “MELTDOWN,” feat. Drake

The composition entitled “Sicko Mode” released in 2018 can be seen as a unique musical achievement. It accommodates four different producers producing distinctive sounds that synchronize well within five minutes of runtime. The song’s switch in beat was seamless and allowed each producer to stand out while Drake and Trav’s impeccable rhymes created an exceptional sonic experience. However, “Meltdown” song sees the introduction of producers such as Coleman, BNYX, Boi1da, Vinylz, Tay Keith, and Skeleton Cartier, but the result is a sluggish and unexciting beat that moves at an unpleasant pace. Drake’s lyrical prowess also seems to have taken a backseat, and his expressions are reduced to feeble brags (“Famous hoes lame but they stay on my d–k”) and shallow jabs at Pharrell and Pusha T. Disappointingly, “MELTDOWN” does not recreate the same level of excitement as “Sicko Mode,” and the overall effect is one-dimensional and mundane.


The composition named “GOD’S COUNTRY” possesses unworldly characteristics, perpetuated by haunting children’s voices attributed to Kanye West. Though it has the semblance of an excellent Travis Scott melody, it is woefully brief to register a considerable influence. The term “GOD’S COUNTRY” implies different interpretations, but Travis Scott favors merriment over exploring its diverse connotations (“Wakin’ up, I see the light, I been drunk and it’s all right”), mildly underwhelming.

15. “I KNOW?”

“I KNOW?” furnishes a desirable alteration of speed after Beyoncé’s emotional outburst on “DELRESTOS (ECHOES),” and functions as the bridge to the latter half of “Utopia”. In the form of an interlude, “I KNOW?” purports an appeal to the loyal fanbase of the artist to harmonize with him for a fleeting moment. This interlude serves as a reminder that the refined and tuneful singing that gained their affection and admiration is still existent, thereby acting as a nostalgic throwback to the artist’s roots which is sure to resonate with his devoted followers.

14. “THANK GOD” (feat. KayCyy & Teezo Touchdown)

On the back of the bewildering opener “HYAENA,” Travis Scott finds himself completely comfortable on “THANK GOD.” With KayCyy’s impeccably taut trap beat, Scott appears to almost enhance the rhythmic power of “Butterfly Effect” from 2018, as he employs “THANK GOD’s” grinding bass to acknowledge his flaws and commemorate his personal evolution since Astroworld. Scott raps with a sense of nostalgia, “The way we evolved and knocked down walls, this s-t’s outrageous.” Although he expresses appreciation for the past, Scott utilizes “THANK GOD” to acknowledge the importance of progress and moving towards the future.

13. “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” (feat. 21 Savage & James Blake)

To clarify, “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” is a remarkable composition, where Metro Boomin and James Blake’s versatile production provides an exceptional backdrop for Scott and 21 Savage to reflect on their intricate love affairs. However, it does not entirely encapsulate the essence of a final track, considering the emotional climaxes prevalent throughout the album. Nonetheless, the knowledge that Travis Scott derives inspiration from Coldplay is noteworthy.

12. “SIRENS”

The compelling talent of Houston specialists is highlighted prominently in Travis Scott’s rap in “SIRENS”. Featuring a vocal sample from New England’s “Explorer Suite”, his energetic microphone presence will make listeners want to beat their chest. Though the tune’s glitchy drive can be disorienting, those with enough fortitude to endure will be left satisfied. The captivating chaos that characterizes this track is emblematic of Scott’s artistic prowess.

11. “K-POP” (with The Weeknd & Bad Bunny)

The composition, “K-POP,” on the album Utopia, is perhaps the most lightweight among the rest. As an interlude, it allows for both Bad Bunny and The Weeknd to exhibit their musical abilities. The Weeknd’s final verse, in particular, presents a lively ambiance while departing from his standard post-apocalyptic narrative style. He chooses instead to indulge in exciting drug-fueled tales, reminiscent of his earlier creations in Starboy and Kissland. The result is a reminiscent sentiment that is undoubtedly compelling.

10. “CIRCUS MAXIMUS” (feat. Swae Lee & The Weeknd)

The composition titled “CIRCUS MAXIMUS” serves as the titular track for the companion film named “Utopia” conceptualized by Scott. The fast-paced and dynamic tune is designed to keep the audience engrossed in the concluding half of “Utopia”. Though Scott showcases impeccable rapping skills, it is the optimistic and engaging chorus by The Weeknd that gives the track an excellent lift, making it soar into the majestic realm of music.

9. “PARASAIL” (feat. Dave Chappelle & Yung Lean)

Sonically, “PARASAIL” presents a notable deviation from the overall tone of the album, Utopia. Yung Lean’s and Travis Scott’s vocals are seamlessly blended with an Auto-Tuned accompaniment, giving rise to a beautifully crafted melody that laments their self-loathing and the arduous nature of seeking absolution. This track exhibits a refreshing departure from the prevalent musical themes throughout the album, bringing it from the ethereal to the terrestrial realm. Yung Lean and Travis Scott thoughtfully contemplate on the harsh realities of human existence, offering a poignant and emotive portrayal of life’s struggles. The intermingling of a compelling guitar loop and a hypnotic speech by Dave Chappelle is, without a doubt, a work of art.

8. “LOOOVE” (feat. Kid Cudi)

The joint venture between Kid Cudi and Travis, known as The Scotts, was unfortunately short-lived with only one self-titled song released. However, it is noteworthy to mention that their collaborative effort on this track has resulted in a compelling, yet poignant outcome. The rappers’ ability to transcend Pharrell’s overpowering beat has resulted in a well-executed and lively composition that flows seamlessly from start to finish.

7. “LOST FOREVER” (feat. Westside Gunn & James Blake)

“The song titled “Lost Forever” from Utopia, which has been highly anticipated by fans, features Scott’s lethargic rework of Check Senrick’s “Don’t Be So Nice” from 1976 providing a surprisingly perfect platform for Westside Gunn. The artist gives a lengthy and impressive verse that is entirely focused on the spoils of fame. Additionally, the added ghoulish vocals from James Blake accentuate the sensation conveyed by the song further, making it a noteworthy creation in the industry. Despite being a mismatch on the surface, “Lost Forever” has proved its capacity to astound listeners. Hence, it is indeed a remarkable composition that surpasses expectations.”


“HYAENA” asserts that Travis Scott’s ability to open an album is unparalleled by any other rapper. In a manner that demands attention, Scott skillfully incorporates a sample of Gentle Giant’s “Proclamation.” Although Gentle Giant officially disbanded in 1980, the group’s distinctive musical style and complex structures were ahead of their time, accruing them a devoted following. Scott’s deployment of the sample serves as an impressive indication of his musical prowess, which is similarly admired by his fan base. Furthermore, Scott seemingly adds fuel to the fire by introducing other elements that are delightfully confounding, such as the finale sample from Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain” and a comparative mention of Chelsea Handler that oozes with self-assurance.

5. “MY EYES” (feat. Sampha)

One of the most emotionally impactful tracks on the album, “Utopia,” is presented by Bon Iver. Its oozing synths and buried vocals create a unique soundscape that levers emotional epiphanies from the nostalgia-driven Scott. The desire for childhood is stronger for him, even with all the success, riches and fame. While Sampha nails the vocals, Scott’s exceptional grace as a rapper carries the song. The artist has thoughtfully chosen every word, and even when the beat switches cater to upbeat music, he remains dutiful and thoughtful in his approach. The track provides ample space for Travis Scott, the human, to express himself. In doing so, he offers one of the few direct lines referencing the Astroworld tragedy.

4. “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” (feat. Beyoncé)

The exceptional quality of “DELRESTO” cannot be understated. The song boasts an impressive lineup of music producers such as Allen Ritter, James Blake, Mike Dean, Hit-Boy, and Bon Iver, all of whom contribute to the song’s enthralling backing vocals. It is the artistic genius of Beyoncé, however, that gives “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” its remarkable quality. Her Renaissance-era prowess seamlessly blends with the dystopian vision of Utopia, resulting in a song that soars. Travis Scott effortlessly defers to her majesty, allowing her to take charge, while his Auto-Tuned musings blend perfectly with the song’s vibe. Overall, “DELRESTO” demonstrates the boundless creative potential that talented artists can achieve through a successful collaboration.

3. “SKITZO” (feat. Young Thug)

Thugga and Travis Scott have established themselves as an intimidating duo, with a sonic presence reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The track “SKITZO” offers exceptional production quality on the project. However, it could be argued that the lack of Young Thug’s presence is conspicuous. The trading of vocal flexes between the two artists would have significantly added to the track’s appeal. That being said, Travis Scott rises to the occasion through impressive lyrical prowess, thereby delivering a satisfying finish.

2. “MODERN JAM” (feat. Teezo Touchdown)

The Yeezus cut offers one of Utopia’s most thrilling moments, with a revamp of Kanye West’s decade-old “I Am a God”. “MODERN JAM”, featuring a relentless and captivating beat from Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homeme-Christo and Mike Dean, creates an atmosphere akin to a turbulent event, with Travis Scott serving as a charismatic “roof shaker” and “annihilator” for a packed dancefloor. Teezo Touchdown delivers one of the best verses of his career, emanating the energy of a frenzied André 3000. The results place Travis Scott in a joyous moment, where his delivery is truly exceptional.

1. “TELEKINESIS” (feat. Future & SZA)

If you are a fan of Ye, Travis Scott, Future, or SZA, then you shouldn’t miss this absolutely phenomenal masterpiece called “Telekinesis.” This is a track that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster like no other. Ye has really pushed Travis Scott out of his comfort zone with this beat, and the end result is breathtaking. However, it’s Future’s verse that really steals the show, as he delivers an incredibly candid portrayal of King Pluto. By reflecting on his past relationship with Ciara without being petty and speaking about his paranoia in a way that’s both raw and relatable, Future shows us a side of himself that we haven’t seen in years. And just when you think you can’t take any more feels, SZA comes in with an equally emotive closing verse that will leave you with tears in your eyes. All in all, “Telekinesis” is a must-have addition to any music lover’s playlist.