Bobbi Althoff Denies Sleeping With Drake

Recently, there were rumors spreading online about Bobbi Althoff hooking up with Drake, the famous musician. However, Bobbi put an end to these whispers and shut down the rumors completely. In a screenshot of DMs between herself and Dave Portnoy, the owner of Barstool Sports, Bobbi was questioned about the alleged hookup with Drake and a subsequent divorce. She responded that it was not true, but did not make a public statement regarding the matter. Despite this, Bobbi expressed her frustrations with the negativity that came with this situation, especially since she did not want to participate in the podcast in which she guested on. In her Instagram Stories post, Bobbi revealed the uncensored DMs between her and Dave, stating that she did not want to discuss the matter any further. It’s important to not spread false rumors about others and give them a chance to speak for themselves, which is exactly what Bobbi did.

Recently, a video clip has been circulating online that features Portnoy talking about a DM exchange during a recording of one of his shows. However, things seemed a little off as he appeared to mislead his audience by not sharing the full details of the conversation. While recounting the exchange, he mentioned that the person he was speaking with did not want to comment on the matter publicly but then proceeded to out them by suggesting otherwise. The situation quickly drew the attention of his co-host, Josh Richards, who questioned why Portnoy would do such a thing. The clip in question has been the topic of much discussion and has left people wondering about Portnoy’s integrity. Additionally, there is another related subbuzz that you can check out regarding the topic, which features an embed that you can view.

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